Canadian Roots

It is day three of the Olympics and already Canada is a buzz, and why shouldn't we be? Not only have we won our first gold metal, but the influence of fashion has become quite intense.

Yes design houses such as Ralph Lauren, and D2 squared have really stepped it up for the Olympics, spending months creating the right look for their brand, and showing it off to the world.

Take Dean and Dan for example. Two bothers that have shown Canada how much they care, and the exposure isn't bad either. Not only did their launch party turn out fantastic, but so did the opening ceremonies. For those of us who are paying attention Dean and Dan created the outfits for Nelly Furtado, Bryan Adams, Measha Brueggergosman, Sarah McLachlan, Nikki Yanofsky, and Garou! It was pretty much a standing runway show, with design after design for the whole world to view!

SarahGarou Bryan adams NellyNikki

This is the time for the world to  see that Canada has great talent, and that we can compete with the rest of the world, not just in sport but design as well. And, I think that we had pretty much proved that when Michelle Obama wore that Canadian number the day her husband was made president of the United States of America.


- Just Sayin (Proud to be Canadian)

Pictures Courtesy of: D2 Squared PR

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