Fashion in the West

Considered an oil town, Calgary is making its mark with the fashion industry!

Fashion Central

February 4th 2010 is the official Grand Opening of Fashion Central. In hopes of infusing some creative energy into this bland business environment.

Although Calgary has its Stephan Avenue, the equivalent to queen street in Toronto, Calgary has started to cradle and support new and upcoming designers.

Just in time for the new “CORE” being completed in the downtown area of Calgary. Once referred to as Bankers Hall and TD Square ( after the bank), The CORE is the compete renovation of Calgary’s indoor downtown shopping! Construction has been going on for some time now, and with the introduction of Betsy Johnson, Holt Renfrew's fourth flag ship store in Canada, and Banana Republics new flag ship store, big name shopping is flocking to the Calgary area to get a piece of the oil pie!

May I just say for the record that it has been a long time coming for Calgary. With its second fashion week around the corner, and all of the new and upcoming designers featured in Calgary, we are sure to see some very interesting fashion in the next couple years.


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