Looking Sharp This New Years Eve

Looking for something new and different this New Year? Well Bread and Butter have the perfect answer for your skin care needs. This Canadian company was founded in 2009 and is based online. Built for the Canadian Man this product comes in two series, a summer series, and a winter series.

Take the thinking out of the equation. Bread and Butter have the perfect solution for our ever changing weather here in Canada; with their Winter/Spring kit you get winter product for the harsh Canadian winter and summer product for our summers.

What makes this product so great, is that it is carry on approved, meaning that you can take it anywhere without hassle, which is great for me because traveling is something that I do quite a bit, and it is something that most companies do not take into consideration when packaging their product.

Check them out online because this product is worth it. There are no additives, gimmicks, or misleading messages with Bread and Butter, just a great product!

-Just Sayin

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