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As the winter starts to become colder and the air begins to lose its moisture, so does our skin. To avoid the dreaded cracking of your skin be sure to moisturize on a daily basis. There are several varieties of male moisturizers on the market today, and I have yet to test them all. I have tested a few, well enough to give you a list of my favorites. (YAY)

For hands- I suggest Lab series hand crème. Not only is it thick, but it is also absorbent. This crème soaks into your skin and leaves it silky smooth.

For Feet and body- I suggest Nivea for men. With this lotion, a little goes along way, so use sparingly! Their body lotion over time will make your skin extremely soft and touchable.

For rough skin and extremely dry spots- I suggest Nivea Instant moisture. Instant Moisture works its way into this skin to soften and hydrate even the driest skin. It’s thicker than most crèmes which makes it easier to put on and apply.

It is very important to hydrate your skin, especially since we don’t think about it on a daily basis. When you take care of your body however, you start to feel younger and happier about yourself, which when you think about it is well worth it.

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