PURE for the Holidays

Alfred Sung is unmistakable with his trademark glasses and whole hearted smile. His fashion empire includes clothing, fragrances, watches, eye wear and bridal. He recently launched his PURE by Alfred Sung line at Zellers, which is shockingly trendy yet affordable. In a matter of weeks, his Home line will be available at HBC and Zellers stores nationwide.

In a black watch blazer and matching tie, which very few of us can pull off, Alfred is beyond stylish. For a fashion icon in the Canadian industry, he is incredibly humble and joyous. You can tell that he loves what he does and takes pride in his projects. His holiday collection for PURE by Alfred Sung, evokes a sense of simplicity without lacking taste.

He shows me a black cocktail dress and asks excitedly "how much do you think this is?" I take a closer look at the dress, the styling, the material and the cut, then I make my decision, "four hundred dollars." He grins and says "that dress retails for $44.95." Phenomenal!

Since he is working with HBC and Zellers, he is able to reduce prices because he sells in volume. All of his pieces for PURE by Alfred Sung are under $50.00.

Zellers was rarely a stop on my shopping itinerary but since Alfred's moved in, I think I may be a regular.

For more information about Alfred and his line check out:
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Image courtesy of  www.lgfashionweek.ca

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