It’s all about the Smell

Whether you wear them a lot or very little, cologne has the ability to set you apart from the crowd. Some men are known for their strong scent in perfume, and it is not always easy getting the right scent down. In the world of cologne their have been some known favorites for men, some of these include:
Obsession (by Calvin Klein)
Pie (by Givenchy)
& Black Code (by Armani)
These Scents have been popular because they are very different from the ordenary smell. That being said, I went to visit my Cologne lady the other day and she recommended three newer colognes to try.

Allure (by Chanel) It is very much a day cologne.

Attitude Extreme (by Armani) This is a day scent as well, but could be worn at night.

& Polo Black (by Ralph Lauren) A very refreshing evening smell, very clean and subtle.

So, whether you wear it a lot or a little make sure that you pick wisely, because smell is usually how we remember people and the wrong scent can sometimes turn off the right people.

-Just Sayin

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