Head-to-toe Oasis

The Oasis at Sears

Whether it is French or English, the word “Oasis” means the same, haven or a place of refuge. Oasis is Sears Canada’s new head-to-toe beauty department. "We went directly to our customers to find out what they wanted in a beauty department, a concept borne from this extensive customer research”. They also wanted a mix of products and price points, said Sarena Campbell, Sears Canada’s Vice-President of apparel and accessories.

Sears unveiled Oasis on November 17th, two pilot stores, Square One in Mississauga and Mapleview Centre in Burlington. The new modern, spacious layout and format reflect the mix of products and services beyond the traditional. Aisles are spacious, fixtures are state-of the-art and product categories have been expanded. Customers are encouraged to try and experience in the new open concept beauty department and advisors will be available to interact and offer their expertise advice when the need arise. This concept should appeal to men, makes shopping for personal care items less intimidating, and yes, there is a self-serve men’s zone with skin care, fragrances and personal grooming tools. Shopping the Oasis concept will change the way customers, interact, experience and shop for all their beauty needs.

Beside usual favourites, Oasis added an assortment of organic and nature products, one of them is the Consonant Body Organic Skincare, the only Canadian national brand. It is carefully crafted with natural ingredients with no artificial colours, dyes and fragrances. Your skin will thank you!

I had the pleasure of attending the Oasis unveiling at Sears in Square One, I touched, experimented, watched and enjoyed the whole experience and concept.

Who doesn’t need a bit of Oasis once in awhile? But now I know where to go.

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  1. I'm starting to hear a lot about Consonant Body products. My friend has used them and she said they changed her life! Not so sure about that, but they're supposed to be really good in addition to being good for you.