What Smell?

Deodorant! For those of you who wear it, Thank you, for those of you who don’t, you should!

Having trouble finding the right deodorant? When you hit the local grocery store or drug store, most often you see a large overwhelming selection when it comes to pretty much everything. It has become practically impossible to find what you are looking for, because everything has added features that you may not care for.

When you finally get to that isle of personal care and look at the selection of deodorant, don’t shy away! These days smell is everything and we all prefer if you didn’t reek of body odor.

There are three main brands that pop out at you when you are standing there all confused, as you look for something new to try. Gillette, Axe, and Old Spice are the three major brands that local markets carry. They come in many scents and in deodorants and antiperspirants.

But, let’s not confuse antiperspirant with deodorant, because they are not the same. Deodorant will take care of the smell, while antiperspirant will reduce the amount of sweating and perspiration that your pits produce.

For those of you who need extra protection there are new clinical brands that actually work overnight to reduce the amount of perspiration that your body produces, such as Gillette’s new clear shield.

If you are sportier, there are products for your needs. If you are a chronic sweater, there are products for your needs, and if you are an average Joe… consider yourself lucky, because you can wear whatever you like.

However if you are one of those people who do not buy deodorant at the super market, and prefer to get it with your cologne, or receive it free with purchase. Brands such as Calvin Klein and Payot Homme have men’s lines of deodorant that last 24 hours. They come scented and usually last all day.

We wouldn’t suggest paying sports or being overly active unless you plan to re-apply, but for everyday use these deodorants are just as good as those at the super market.

-Just sayin

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