The New Shaving Creme

Its official, shaving crème is out and lube is in. The foamy lathering process has ceased to exist with the introduction of shaving lube. Shaving lube provides a closer, cleaner, and a more effective shave, the application of which ads oils to soften facial hair and makes it easier for the razor to cut and glide on the skin than traditional crèmes.

Billy Jealousy is a brand of facial and beauty products for men, and its super slick shave crème has be given esquire magazines grooming award winner for best shave crème.

We at TorontoModa have had the pleasure of trying out Billy Jealousy’s Shaving lube, and have to agree that it provides a beautiful shave. We would agree that shaving lube overall trumps shaving crème.

The best way to use any type of shaving lube is to apply it to the skin and just massage it in for a couple of minutes to really work in the lube. This massage will soften up the facial hair to allow a very clean shave.

Shaving is best done during or right after a warm shower, this is because the heat and steam allows your skin to relax and your pores to open up.

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