Lace, Tattoo, Opaque, Sheer, Patterned..or Plain?

Stockings are hot this season – and I don’t mean your nude pantyhose, I’m talking about prints and patterns! It is one of the cheapest ways to accessorize an outfit. It can change your outfit from blah to BAM! Notice the stockings by Secret on the left? They are an easy way to change up that look.

We’re seeing lace, geometric patterns, tattoo prints and even fishnets. Mind you – not everyone can pull off the fishnets. In a previous post I mentioned that “less is more”; stockings can add to any outfit but they shouldn’t be overbearing. If you’re wearing a buffalo check jacket, lace stockings might not be the best idea. However, if you have a simple dress that needs that extra kick, vamp it up with stockings! They’re hot this season, they’re cheap and they’re fun – so go out and grab a pair..or four…

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