Investing In The Right Shoe

Today’s market in men’s shoes is grim! You could visit Town shoes, Aldo, Transit, or god forbid The Bay, but why would you? Your shoes and your suit are the two things that people will judge you on, and yes people like me can tell that you buy cheap shoes! Whether it be the curl at the end of the shoe, the finish of the leather, the stitching, or even the sole of the shoe, it’s all a sign of your character. I don’t care if you buy that 300$ Burberry shirt, that 500$ cheap mass produced wallet, or even that 250$ tie. What distinguishes you from the crowd is your shoes, because most men cannot afford a couple pair of good shoes, and that’s all you need. Good shoes will last you a life time, and I am not referring to Prada, Gucci, or even Tom Ford. A good English shoe that is handmade will set you far apart from the amateur.
-Just Sayin

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