H1N1 - Fashion meets Function

As a person who prefers the natural option to the pharmaceutical option, I am still aware of the germs out there. It’s not going to change how I live my life, but I will be more diligent when it comes to sanitizing my hands and the work space around me.

The Japanese have taken it one step further. Japanese corporate culture is very different from North American corporate culture. We value the 9-5 schedule and days off(at least I do anyway), while they often live and breathe their work.

Haruyama Trading has designed the "anti-H1N1 business suit". It appears to be a normal business suit, except there is a titanium dioxide coating on it that breaks down the virus upon contact. Shinto Hirata, vice director of merchandising at Haruyama, says the suit is proven to kill 40 percent of the latest flu virus in about three hours and will retain its protective capability even after being washed several times.

This is for all you germaphobes out there! I understand the H1N1 virus, but do not see the urgency or necessity to get the vaccine. Nor will I buy into all the propaganda in the media. But I must say, this is a very neat concept. A perfect combination where fashionable meets functional.

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