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Yesterday 5 of the biggest tastemakers (tastemakers are the Canadians who influence the way we live and how we look) in Toronto took the stage at Berkeley Church. With a Visionary - designer Lucian Matis, Powerhouse - Emily Scarlett, Spokesperson for H&M Canada, Influencer - Suzanne Boyd of Zoomer Magazine, Tastemaker - Roseanna Plutino of The Plutino Group and Strategist - Amanda Stassen, strategic marketer for Holt Renfrew - who would have thought that although many roads were traveled, they would all end up in the world of fashion.

They all had very different goals and took very different paths. Lucian knew he wanted to be a designer at the age of 7. Emily knew she wanted to be in fashion but wasn't sure where in the industry. Suzanne's love of journalism paired with her styling capabilities landed her as a media mogul. Roseanna Plutino noticed a missing link - models have agents, why shouldn't stylists? And although Amanda Stassen started out in science, her ability to read and understand people and trends is what brought her into fashion.

Many words were said during the panel discussions but there were two common themes: be true to yourself and never stop re-inventing yourself.

Some may think that it is hard to be 'trendy' while staying true to yourself. Suzanne Boyd said "what's worse than bad style is having no style". Style and fashion is not only about understanding trends but also understanding yourself. You need to be who you are and dress to please yourself and in the words of Suzanne Boyd "live it, breathe it, feel it".

We also need to constantly re-inventing ourselves. There is never a good time to stop learning. Lucian Matis is always under pressure to make the next collection bigger and better than his last. By being a tastemaker, you have to be willing to push the boundaries and bring newness to everything you do. We are surrounded by inspiration and information - understand yourself well enough to know your strengths and weaknesses. We are always looking for newness - the hottest trends. It's easy to re-invent ourselves on the outside but we should never forget about the inside!

Fashion is about trends - style is how you wear it and the attitude behind it.

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