Clean Hair

For those of us who still have hair… It has become a challenge to find the right shampoo and conditioner that will leave your hair healthy and smooth.

I have tried a lot of product over the years and have found only a couple that I like. The first is the Dove brand, this is because Dove leaves your hair light and easy to work with when applying hair product. They claim that their product does not dry out your hair, or skin, depending on what you are using. Generally I find this to be true, because I also use their bar soap and find that it works in keeping my skin soft and healthy.
The second brand is Gillette’s new shampoo and conditioner. What I like about the shampoo is that it contains mint which makes your scalp feel cool and refreshed. Its conditioner is light which again makes applying product very easy after a good shower.

I am told that Redken is a great brand as well, but I have tried their product and find myself not a big fan. I used the S/C in the red bottle for about two months and found that it left my hair dry, and while talking to some colleagues they felt the same way, but they recommended that I try the other color bottles because they work better. So, I guess I will keep you posted on the results of Redken.

Whatever Brand that you use make sure to leave a day of rest for your hair, so that your hair has time to soak up the natural oils that your body gives off.

-Just sayin

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