Vogue - The September Issue

"hidden behind her trademark bob and sunglasses, she has never allowed anyone to scrutinize the inner workings of her magazine. until now.."

When we think of fashion, style and Vogue, only one person comes to mind, Anna Wintour - the editor-of chief of Vogue. For those of us that read Vogue(and those of you that don't) the September issue is by far the thickest Vogue of the year. A reader becomes engrossed in the pages of fashion and luxury advertisements. Some even call this issue the "Bible of fashion".

Maybe that's why they decided to make a movie out of it,
The September Issue. If you want to get an inside look at Vogue(and not have to intern there), you have to wait until October 23rd 2009. But in the meantime, run out to your local bookstore and grab yourself a magazine. The September issue of Vogue might just hold you over until the movie comes out.

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  1. ooooooh!!! I can't wait for this.. definately calls for S&C type outing. :)