Nuit Blanche "A free all-night contemporary art thing"

Nuit Blanche - Oct 3 2009

Okay so Nuit Blanche isn't really about fashion; it is about art and creativity. Fashion is also about art and creativity. So in other words, you can lightly say that Nuit Blanche and fashion are somewhat related. This year's Nuit Blanche is on October 3rd, so mark that date out on your calendars and get ready to frolick around downtown Toronto all night!

With fashion, we are always testing the creative limits of designers and consumers alike. Some fashions may be deemed "too edgy", "too creative" or "too out there". The great thing about art is that the edgier, the more creative and the more "out there" it is, the better. This is a chance to let your mind wander along roads it doesn't typically take. Most consumers have a "distinct style" and they stick to it. There is nothing wrong with experimenting and changing that style or playing around with it. The same goes for art!

You don't need to be an avid art lover to enjoy Nuit Blanche. With a free night of contemporary art at our disposal, why not explore the galleries, museums and streets for some open minded inspiration. You really have nothing to lose on this one, except maybe for some sleep.

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  1. definetly looking forward to it this year!