Man-ly Loofah

Body Cleanliness is one of my biggest pet peeves, and men are usually the biggest offenders of this. For some reason men have this idea that it is not important to stay clean. That is why we have tested three different loofahs for our male readers, in efforts to change their bad habits.

The newest loofah to the market is from Gillette. This small compact Loofah is ergonomically designed to give you a great clean. Not only does it have an easy to use handle, but it is also designed to last. The Loofah itself is sewn in a way that keeps the nylon from falling apart. Its construction and handle make this Loofah not only incredibly easy to use, but comfortable and easy to handle. It has aerating holes on the top to make cleaning and drying easy, and along with its very masculine look we give this product a 4/5 stars.

The second Loofah is the new Axe Loofah. Now I am not sure why you need a soft side and a rough side, but someone thought that it would be a good idea. Now given, this Loofah does look manly, but its way to extreme for our tastes. All a person needs is a soft feeling Loofah, because the point is to lightly exfoliate and lather up the skin… not strip it off. (Un-ratable)

The third and final Loofah that we had looked into was the original Loofah. It is a classic and always will be. Not only is it extremely easy to use but you get the most soap out of it. Sometimes when loofah’s get to advanced they lose what we like to refer to as the “soap factor”, which is essentially the reason that you use the Loofah, to soap up. The original Loofah is a classic for a reason, because it does the job. Now it may not be as masculine as the Axe or Gillette Loofah but it does the job extremely well. For that we give this loofah a 5/5.

-Just sayin

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