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Melanie Favreau Jewellery

I was roaming the internet trying to find something to buy(internet shopping is a terrible horrible vice) and came across some really cool jewellery.

The designer is Melanie Favreau, a Canadian jeweller from Montreal who works with sterling silver and resin. Her designs are quirky and unusual. My favourite pieces are her "This is Fake I am Not" pendant and her mustache ring and necklace - for the days you want a
mustache(without the hair of course).

When I asked her about her
inspirations, she said "I think that my best ideas come from the interaction with objects from my everydaylife, like my "Milk and Bread" tag or my "I Feel Like A Number" pendant. I just do what I love, hoping that some people will love it too!" It is clear that she loves designing jewellery and the fun translates into her designs. Her prices are also very affordable, so you don't have to worry about breaking the bank. You can check out Melanie and all her designs at the links below:

Melanie @ Supermarket
Melanie @ Etsy
Melanie @ Twitter
Melanie @ Flickr

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